Baseball High school program

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Program Overview

The CBA Baseball High School Program is designed to prepare skilled players (15-18u) to play and compete at the collegiate level. Participants in this Program receive skill and attitude focused training from professional instructors and coaches. Our GOAL is maximize player’s National exposure to college and professional scouts while developing young athletes in all areas of their lives.

  • College Networking Partner Program

    Additionally, CBA evaluates each player and assists in developing a Player Profile within the College Networking Partner Program, a database that connects CBA Players with college coaches throughout the country.

  • Training in our the CBA facility

    ALL CBA Players who are active on a Roster are invited to train in our Indoor Facility free of charge, year round, as an integral part of development.

  • HS Summer Season

    The HS SUMMER Season begins Memorial Day weekend and concludes in August. CBA Teams compete in tournaments in Colorado and around the country including: Marucci World Series, Perfect Game, Five Tool, and Prospect Wire. The schedule is designed to provide maximum exposure to college and professional coaches and scouts.

  • HS Fall Season

    The HS FALL Season begins in late August and concludes in November. Teams compete both locally in Denver and Colorado Springs and out of state Tournaments (Schedules vary by Team).

  • Recruiting & Scholarship Opportunities

    Director of Baseball Operations, Coach Steven Lockett has proven credibility and extensive contact with college coaches throughout the country. The Program emphasizes character development, good citizenship, and academic excellence. To date, over 150 + CBA Players have received athletic and academic scholarships, which is a true source of pride to our Program!

College coaches and Parent testimonials

"I have recruited several players from Colorado Baseball Academy. In my experience, the kids have received proper coaching during their time there to prepare themselves for the college level. They are well prepared for the speed, strength, and talent of the college game. The coaches at CBA are professional and knowledgeable, connect well with kids, and develop players to compete at the next level."

N. Lawrence

Recruiting Coach Eastern Oklahoma State College


"CBA is a great baseball program, My son RJ has been a part of this program since he was 13. He has learned so much and his confidence is at a level that he wants to be on a diamond or doing drills everyday. The instruction he has and continues to get from Steve Lockett and Ken Teasley and all the coaches is second to none! CBA is not one of those facilities where you have fifty kids going at once and you may or may not get coached that day, You get a one on one atmosphere, so your kid feels that and he wants to participate and get better.
The best part to me is they are not only interested in kids athletic ability but their academics as well. There goal is getting them a college education through baseball! I would highly recommend CBA to any parent that wants their kid to succeed."

J. Dabovich

Father of 4th round Giants Draft Pick


"Thanks to CBA and Coach Lockett for all that you do. We are grateful for Jeremy being a part of CBA. The instruction and experience of playing games all across the western United States will be with him forever. If people want their kids to be challenged against excellent competition and gain exposure, I recommend CBA wholeheartedly. I have enjoyed watching you love and pour your life into all of the kids and thankful mine remains one of them. If Jeremy is able to excel at the next level much of that will be from your hard work, example and instruction. More important, you have encouraged and challenged him to grow into a better young man. We hope the best for CBA for years to come!"

J. Gwinn

Father of 12th Round KC Royals Draft Pick